North Peak Residence Awarded 2012 Best Healthy House Design Award from Green Builder

One of the unusual aspects of this sleek, modern home is its inclusion of site-built concrete countertops, locally made with the addition of recylced glass aggregate. For this team, keeping toxins out of living spaces became a key focus. The installation of a geothermal heating system made that task easier - eliminating the need for indoor combustion. Even the fireplace is placed outdoors, keeping flue gasses isolated from living spaces. The home is naturally ventilated, and the garage has walls made with gaps that allow exhaust fumes to escape. But health concerns also extend beyond the walls. Electricians carefully routed wiring to avoid producing strong electromagnetic fields, and the team evaluated all caulks and sealants - along with paints - eliminating any that included ‘chemicals of concern’ from European watchdog agencies.
—; p. 28